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  • Kava (colonial nickname Grog) is an earthy beverage that calms you and numbs your mouth and throat.
  • Used to help calm anxiety, stress, and restlessness, and to alleviate sleeping problems (insomnia).
  • If you drink enough you’ll feel a mild euphoric buzz.
  • It’s made from the powdered root of a pepper tree called piper methysticum

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Available in Vanutatu & Fijian Kava Root 

Buyer must provide Federal EIN to make purchase. We will contact you after purchase to verify business license. This is NOT your $60.00/kg Commercial Grade Wholesale Kava from Fiji. We purify, powder and blend this SINGLE-SOURCE Fijian Kava root for you. We also do the FDA-required testing and provide Certificates of Analysis. Also, our 5kg-100kg Wholesale Fijian Noble Kava Root has matured for over five years, with a kavalactone line-up of 2-4-6. This Kava is stronger than your typical Kava root, with a verified Kavalactone percentage close to 12%.  We import this Kava fresh month, to ensure the freshest Kava possible.

Our wholesale Powdered Kava root is ground to order, so larger orders can take a little extra time to process.

This Bulk Kava root is perfect for marketing your own brand of Kava.  This product is strictly for wholesale customers only.

Directions: 2 tablespoons 3 times per day. Do not exceed 2 tablespoons per serving. Daily dosage not to exceed 6 tablespoons. Maximum period of daily use: 3 months. Use may resume for 3 months after a 2-week break.

Product Info

Kava is a small shrub grown in the Pacific islands, mainly Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii. Centuries ago the islanders discovered its’ relaxation properties, found a way to prepare and consume it and started to drink it at social and religious ceremonies and for medicinal purposes. Drink kava for social relaxation, to reduce mild anxiety and body tension, or to help you get a good night’s sleep. Drinking kava is one of the most natural ways to relax the mind and body.

Shortly after Fiji gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1970, social changes inspired Fijians to open the kava ceremony up to everyone, and Fijians happily share it with tourists. In the South Pacific, kava is a popular social drink, similar to alcohol in Western societies.

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