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Kratom is a natural botanical native to tropical Southeast Asia recognized as a calming medicinal for hundreds of years.

We only purchase organically grown kratom, directly from the growers, and we only do business with at least 15-year-old established farmers that have been growing kratom in traditional methods, well before the American kratom rush. To ensure we are purchasing from farmers who are truly selling Fresh, Pure, and Potent Kratom Powder we always have our kratom sent to a 3rd party American laboratory for full panel testing. When taken in appropriate amounts, Kratom can relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia, physical pain, and increase energy. 

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Flow Botanicals is an industry-leading health brand geared towards providing independently-tested and proven wellness solutions. Our focus is to address mental & physical health without the use of prescription drugs, harmful substances, and unhealthy habits. With 200+ products available, our primary objective is educating and helping our customers optimize the human body & mind.

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