Kratom Laws in Florida 2020

Kratom laws in florida 2020

The sunshine state has the fourth largest population in the US, with over 21 million citizens. Of course, you know Florida as the place to go for beaches, Disney World, palm trees, and really bad sunburns. The sunshine state is also home to some very high quality Kratom Distributors. You have probably wondered yourself about the different laws surrounding Kratom in the State of Florida. You are seeing Kratom Bars, Florida Smoke Shops offering Kratom, and friends that are using this natural-medicine. But is it legal?
We will cover both the legalities surrounding this natural medicine and how to confidently choose a Kratom company in Florida to purchase from.

Is Kratom Legal in Florida 2020?

Kratom is completely legal in the State of Florida with the exception of Sarasota County where lawmakers have passed bills labeling Kratom as a “designer drug” or a synthetic opiate. This is far from the truth. Many anti-Kratom legislators and activists proposed bills to ban kratom in Florida altogether in 2014. However, none of the bills got passed by lawmakers. This movement by lawmakers created false perceptions in the eyes of Florida citizens and consumers. The DEA has claimed Kratom mimics the unique chemical composition contained in scheduled I substances. The leaf was compared to bath salts and hallucogenic drugs.
Kristin Jacobs, a Broward County representative, in 2013 made an attempt to push her political agenda and make a name for herself in politics by using an unfortunate suicide of a young man named Ian Mautner, who used Kratom, and blamed this medicine as the cause. She later claimed to have very little knowledge of the plant. In 2015, the Botanical Education Alliance (BEA) called on Albert Balido, a BEA lobbyist who spoke at the Florida kratom defense hearing against Jacobs. Jacobs vowed to file a bill classifying Kratom as a schedule 1 drug in Florida. However, Albert Balido proposed an amendment which kept Kratom available and again Jacobs was defeated by the Kratom community.
The American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance has kept Kratom legal to purchase, possess, and consume in the State of Florida with the exception of Sarasota County in 2020.

Where to Buy?

Florida Kratom consumers can find quality Kratom in Florida from established vendors such as ourselves. We offer over 50+ variety of strains and source directly from 15+ year established farms. Find our Kratom here. We have worked with other Florida companies in the past and know of reputable Kratom retailers such as Natural Life Tallahassee. Natural Life has 4 retail stores in Florida including Natural Life Jacksonville. You can purchase directly from their website as well.
For more information surrounding botanical solutions you can visit our education center. What are your thoughts on Kratom?

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